Working Nonimmigrant Visas For us

In order to received your notice of one’s pending interview for a K Visa at united states Embassy in Bangkok.

You become nervous as to what the Consulate officer into Bangkok will ask you’ll during the visa speak to. How should I prepare myself for that interview? What questions can they ask me? What considerably more than simply say the wrong item during my visa survey? These are some of the your head that are going using your mind when you collect your notice letter. The following are some of the topics that might be asked about of you during your actual interview for the Okay Visa in Thailand. It’s very important that you are security and clear in your responses to the meeting with officer.

Look the interview panel member directly in a persons vision when responding you can his/her questions. Individuals you applying in a K Visa? A person have visited any all other country? If so, how long perhaps you stayed in that particular country? Do recognize anyone in us states? How long have all your known your husband to be? What job your fiance proper grip? Where is your fiance moving? Where in the US do your fiance active? Where did you meet a fiance? Have lam kt3 been married before now? If so have you separated your former hubby legally? Do an individual any children with each of your ex -spouse? when do you in order to marry your fianci? How long do you stay in america? How long have a new know your spouse to be? Does he have any children and kids? What job do you are performing? What is your salary? An individual have family at Thailand? Where make a difference your family are? Do you own property of Thailand? What 24-hour period is the anniversary of your future husband? Where are you getting together? Where does your fianci maintain when in Thailand? Has your fianci met your relatives? It is important to be prepared for this K Visa conversation questions.

You should work out these sample questions below with your fianci and write alongside your responses. Quite possibly they will seek you the very same thing question but into two different ways. Terribly being prepared certainly pay off for your very own K interview in just Thailand. Siam Law International offers facility for K Girlfriend visas in Thailand and they are known US Work permit Attorneys in Bangkok. You can reach for them hours the best day, days 7 days for assistance together with your US visa utility in Thailand.